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Annual General Meeting


If you are a financial Member of the Wandoan Show Society you have the right to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting. Your Show needs you, please mark your calendar and attend this meeting!

Please do not miss this opportunity to became actively involved in planning the 2021 show. That has started already!!!

Many, many hours of hard work go into producing the annual community showcase which you all are part of. Consider sharing in some of this planning. Many of you already steward and volunteer, but there are some faces we would really love to see come forward. We are all "BUSY", however if more people come forward, it would just allow everyone to shoulder the load a lot more easily.

It is essential that Management Committee members refresh - that brings new ideas, and enthusiasm for creating the great show we are all love. Please don't leave it all to the same old few..... our ideas are running out!

What happens at the AGM?

An annual general meeting (AGM) is a meeting held once a year that all members of the Wandoan Show Society are invited to attend. The purpose of an AGM is to give members a report on our activities and finances for the previous year, to allow time for members to ask questions, and to elect members of our governing body (e.g. committee members) for the coming year. Additional Management Committee members, Chief Stewards etc are also appointed at this meeting.

All executive positions are declared VACANT at the AGM.

This is YOUR opportunity to actively participate in the management and presentation of the annual Wandoan Show. You all love the show, so why not make it better - with your input. Don't stand in the background and say "Why don't they have this or do that?" It is because, more than likely, we have not thought about it.

Notices & Forms relating to the AGM include:

AGM Notice 2020

Executive Committee Nomination form

Life Membership Nomination Form

Proxy Vote Nomination

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