Anna Mabin Styling

Anna Mabin 1.1

So you thought that Stylists were just for celebrities?

Anna Mabin Styling works with clients who are too busy to spend time shopping for clothes they love and need someone to take the hard work out of looking good. She has many clients who’ve undergone changes to their body either after childbirth or through weight loss or gain, and who need help feeling confident dressing for their new figure. Anna also works with clients who are starting new jobs or who need styling for events such as weddings. Also, remember that styling is not just for the ladies, do you know of a male that just may need a presentation tweek?

Anna offers the unique service of taking her styling business on the road several times a year, so that she is able to serve clients in  Regional Queensland.

The next regional tour will commence Saturday, 6th April in the WAGS Marquee.

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