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Marie Vitelli is a diehard weed person that has dabbled in a vast spectrum of weed management issues over her 40 year career in weeds and grazing management.

Her passion for weeds began in the mid-1980’s while based at the Tropical Weeds Research Centre in Charters Towers for 15 years. Marie traversed North Queensland on weed research and biocontrol projects such as rubbervine, parthenium, prickly acacia and giant sensitive plant. She integrated weeds with love and married fellow weed scientist Joe Vitelli.

A career change in the Year 2000 saw Marie move on to a seven-year stint with Dalrymple Landcare Committee in the Upper Burdekin Rangelands. Working with graziers and landcare groups across Dalrymple Shire was exceptionally rewarding and many friendships evolved. This was during the era of numerous national weed and grazing management projects such as Weeds of National Significance, Enviro fund and Natural Heritage Trust.

Since moving to Brisbane 14 years ago, Marie has worked for AgForce Projects and Policy. Marie is a dedicated advocate and good source of information on a range of agricultural topics including biosecurity, Reef science and regulations, vegetation management, agvet chemical use, pasture dieback and managing toxic plants such as Pimelea. 

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