Linda Brennan Horticulturist, Eco Educator, Author insta (1)

Linda Brennan is a prominent QLD eco educator, author and organic horticulturist. She was born and raised in Gippsland in Victoria, and spent her childhood wandering the bush with her dad and growing food in her own plot in the family garden.

Linda trained as a nurse and then midwife before embarking on a career that embraced plants and food and nurturing people through food.

Linda simply loves edible flowers and has written Australia’s first book about edible flowers called ‘A Delicious Bunch’, a beautiful book that you can buy at the show. She’s an entertaining ‘show and tell’ person who will have you wanting to grow almost anything edible!

In her spare time Linda sinks her hands into the soil in her own organic acreage garden in Capalaba where hundreds of edible, medicinal and useful plants thrive. She grows enough food to be almost self-sufficient and grows extra to share and sell.

She brings to our event, thirty years of experience and knowledge that springs from enjoying, observing and working in the bush and in many private and public gardens. Linda is eager to share her flower and garden secrets with you and to tickle your taste buds with delights from her garden.

Linda will host a number of sessions in  WAGS Marquee this year starting on Friday 9th April.

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