The Wandoan Show Society Inc Management Committee is committed to keeping everyone safe during the show activities, and we ask everyone attending to help out where even they can. We are all personally responsible to observe Queensland Health directives current at the time of the show.

As at 1 April 2021, indoor and outdoor events are permitted to operate in accordance with the Industry Framework for COVID Safe Events. However, additional requirements have been placed on Queenslanders to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 that may impact OUR event.

The following requirements are in addition to the key public health measures outlined in our event’s Approved Plan and applies to all event attendees and staff:

Eating and drinking

  • When indoors, everyone must be seated while eating and drinking.
  • People may stand to eat or drink in outdoor areas.


  • Dancing is not permitted indoors unless at a wedding, dance studio or dance class.
  • Dancing may occur outdoors regardless of the event or venue. For example, an outdoor music festival, outdoor event.


  • A mask that covers the nose and mouth must be worn if:
    • in an indoor space
    • in an outdoor space where physical distancing is not possible
    • the person has any symptoms consistent with COVID-19
    • entering, exiting or inside a Major Sports Stadium (indoors space), unless the person is seated
    • the person is directed to do so by an emergency officer.


The above additional requirements remain until 15 April 2021, unless otherwise specified. 

It is very important that event organisers collect contact information for all staff and attendees (where possible), in the event that Queensland Health needs to conduct contact tracing activities.

General information on restrictions for Queensland can be found at the Queensland Government website.

During the Show, the following public health messages will be both on display as well as being implemented through all activities within the show:


Social distancing
There will numerous signs reminding us to keep our distance. COVID Ambassadors who will also remind us of this requirement.  Our Announcers will also remind us.   We have a large amount of space at the showgrounds, so keeping your distance shouldn't be too hard.  If you are queuing for a short period please check your space.   

Everyone entering the grounds will be required to register with the QR Code.  If you do not have a mobile device there will be manual registration forms at the gate where you can register, or one of our friendly gate keepers will help you. You will have to register everyday, as the code expires at midnight each day. Those of you who are camped on the grounds will be required to register every day too and Chief Stewards will be checking you have complied. 

Hand Sanitizing
Hand sanitizing stations will be available, in prominent positions, scattered around the grounds – please make use of these.  They will be replaced during the activity to ensure an adequate supply of the product. To be sure you have access to this resource we suggest you bring your own.  

Cleaning/Rubbish Removal
Where there are amenities, regular cleaning has been arranged.  This includes the camping grounds.

Remember if you feel unwell at any stage during the event and display the COVID symptoms go directly to the Miles Hospital for testing.  Please phone ahead to organise a suitable time for testing. The contact phone number for the Miles Hospital is 07 4628 5600

We will be operating in compliance with a COVID Safe Event Checklist, however a full COVID SAFE EVENT PLAN, adopting the COVID Safe Industry Plan for Qld Agricultural Shows and Showgrounds as our source document, has been submitted to Queensland Health to substantiate our Checklist requirements. A Certificate of Compliance is available ABOVE.

Thank you for reading these requirements and we hope everyone enjoys a safe 2021 Wandoan Show.